by Nicolo Kehrwald

Finally, a modern look at the thriving art of handbalancing!  

With thoughtful insights from his own training and performing around the world, Nicolo Kehrwald shares the techniques necessary for a handstand practice.  Whether you're hoping to learn to hold a handstand, or want to explore shapes in the one-arm handstand, this book will help you do it!  


In The Little Handbalancing Book, you will learn

  • The basics of handbalancing, including proper alignment and methods for training the straight handstand, techniques for successfully balancing inverted, instruction on foundational positions such as the tuck, the straddle, the crocodile, and the L-sit;
  • Intermediate and advanced techniques, including pressing up to handstand, flag positions, planche, hollow-back, one-arm handstands, and more;
  • Training programs to help develop your skill;
  • Maintenance exercises, including stretching, warming up, conditioning, and cross-training; and
  • Advice on how to train successfully over the long term, both in terms of physical achievement and emotional/mental health and enjoyment.

Kehrwald explains each new move in simple terms and includes full color photographs to help you perfect your form. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn a new skill or an expert pushing to the next level, Kehrwald’s book will help you train, learn, and grow.