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About Nicolo

Nicolo Kehrwald's passion for the movement arts began at a young age, when he discovered acrobatics, dance and capoeira.  He focused on the circus arts professionally when he joined Do Jump! Extremely Physical Theater in 2001.  During his 12 years as a company member, he developed a high level of skill and versatility as he performed floor acrobatics, trapeze, hoop, straps, Chinese pole and more.  He quickly built a passion for the focus and subtlety of handbalancing, which inspired him to study at circus schools around the globe - highlights include training with Yury Bozyan in Montreal, studying under Claude Victoria in France and training with the amazing acrobats of Mongolia under Yanjibileg and Bud Tumurbaatar.  He has had a prolific career as a circus artist, in which he has been a highlighted performer with the Acrobatic Conundrum, AIDA Cruises, and Cavalia's Odysseo among others.  He has been coaching handbalancing for ten years.

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